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An apostille is a validation by the Danish Foreign Ministry in accordance with the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention which gives an extra level of international acceptability. UAE) also reuire full legalisation, which we can advise you on or do for you. Because the Danes are sensible people and see no reason why two consenting adults should have to fight a legal and bureaucratic battle to get married.We are so convinced that our couples should have this done that we automatically include this service in all our packages – fees included. In Denmark the documentation required is simple and straightforward, there is no requirement for the banns to be read, and the whole thing can happen quickly and easily with no hassle.

Married dating in rustad minnesota Richtig flirten in der schule

No time wasted browsing personals that dont match your requirements.

Marriage in Denmark is probably the quickest and easiest in the EU.

But there are some international issues regarding acceptability, and also civil partnerships. For UK passport holders it looks as though your UK “EU” passports will be phased out only as they come up for renewal and it is extremely unlikely that you will require a visa to enter Schengen.

Our website at is now online and aims to help us focus on any issues specific to LGBT marriages, and to help us find the LGBT couples who are trying to find us! For EEA Family Reunification visas nothing will happen for ages, if at all.

What is the ceremony like, and how long does it take?