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"I was trying to get him to eat healthier and I made him this batch of zucchini bread that was everything-free and I thought it was delicious," she says."And he bit into it and went, 'Well, it's like biting into a.m. Given the actress-turned-entrepreneur’s active move into the health and wellness space (she recently launched a series of tailored vitamins), it’s no surprise Paltrow tested her first summit in the gluten-free city of Los Angeles on Saturday.

Scooting back into gut health, it seems I've missed Gundry advising the audience to go hungry: “Don’t eat. We have the ability to store fat," he instructed, according to my colleague at the . p.m. Though all of the activities available in the courtyard booked up for the day by 10 a.m.

(an annoyance to many who paid hundreds if not thousands to be here) I luck out and get my aura photographed (a purple-y red, as it turns out, signifying I'm both a "visionary" and "passionate"). (Pass.) Two women I run into from Kansas City have told me they’re not super into the panels so far, and might try a nearby hike. p.m. Paltrow moderates this one herself, and the session features her go-to doctors, Dr. Initially, I’m worried they’re going to espouse more why-do-birds-fly generalities, but suddenly a red-headed woman volunteers to go up on stage for a session of LIVE THERAPY.

The convo is focused not on how these successful, beautiful women do it all, but how they choose what "I just went, I can't really say who I am, to myself." - Cameron Diaz on why she's taken a 3-year break from making movies Eavw Vye S— Andrea Mandell (@Andrea Mandell) June 11, 2017After being on the road continuously for her film career, “I just went, ‘I can’t really say who I am, to myself.

Which is a hard thing to face up to,” says the actress, who married Benji Madden in 2015.

But I’m still at home, trying to figure out if the dress code will be more athleisure or free-spirited sundress. After being given my entry pass for the day — a bracelet of brown worry beads with a blue tassel, signifying my lowest-tier status (Lapis), I enter Goop hall and it is immediately epic.